What do we do?

The current Luxury Interior Design is not only the art of arranging and designing unusual spaces, including interior designing based on both functionality and widely-understood beauty; it is also the ability to follow trends in the field and adjust them to customer’s needs and budget. Forward-thinking aspect of such design cannot be neglected as well, because it ensures that a created space will stand the test of time and will be profitable even after several years from its creation.

JUSTYNA TATYS LUXURY INTERIORS is not only a luxurious interior design studio, but also a brand ensuring exceptional quality of servicing for Premium individual and commercial customers. It was created thanks to a very specific philosophy and experience and has ensured clients full satisfaction with the final outcome of ordered undertakings they have been presented with. Interiors arranged by JUSTYNA TATYS are characterized by their exceptional harmony, elegance, and sublime quality, which are always skillfully combined with utilitarian features. A highly qualified and experienced team of interior designers - GLAM PROJECT – will ensure comprehensive realization, starting from space planning and preparing, through the creation of complex technical and visual designs, up to customized finishing. We specialize in superb-quality designing and realization, with the major point of focus being put on creating unusual, useful spaces reflecting the needs and dreams of our customers. Justyna Tatys always ensures practicality and comfort of the designed spaces, as well as is fully aware of the fact that ultimately success is not only about the outcome of performed works, but also – about the entire customer servicing process. We would like to apologize in advance that we do not accept all design-related projects, but such an approach is connected with our customer servicing principles. We realize only a limited amount of orders every year to ensure that each and every one of them is executed in a meticulous and professional manner. We order trustworthy products only and supervise their delivery in order to ensure punctuality of supplies and a constant character of performed undertakings. Perennial experience on the market has resulted in cooperation with reliable subcontractors, which makes it possible for us to take care of project consistency and take advantage of exceptional quality materials.

Exclusive interior design – our mission

Do you happen to be the owner of a space that has a lot of potential, but you lack intriguing ideas to transform it into an exceptional piece of art? Thanks to cooperation with GLAM PROJECT, you will fully understand the Luxury Interiors philosophy and the desire to create interiors that are truly enjoyable for their owners. We do not want our clients to just “like” the final outcome. We want to astonish and make something truly breathtaking. We do not follow beaten paths – each and every space deserves its character to be highlighted in a way that is comprehensive, exceptional, and standard-breaking in nature.

We are not afraid of making bold, sometimes even controversial decisions to achieve a tasteful and exquisite interior design-oriented effect. Luxurious interior designs are our forte. We make dreams of our clients come true by materializing their visions of exclusive and splendorous Parisian apartments, sophisticated villas in sunny Tuscany, or New York lofts located within the borders of the well-known Fifth Avenue. Our perennial experience makes it possible for us to skillfully combine the requirements of the investors with the specificity of the market and current trends, which results in the creation of interiors that are characterized by splendor, glam, consistency, determination…as well as sublime mood, tastefulness, and luxury.

The tasks of our company include designing and arranging premium spaces. That is why we do our best to highlight key elements of each and every interior, as well as to improve it by complementing it with some details. Some of them require making bold decisions, for example – opting for strong colors, contrasts, and bold patterns.

Luxurious interior designing

Trends in interior design change constantly, not only from season to season. Every single day, new, innovative solutions are introduced to the market, the aim of which is to inspire, motivate, and design a pleasing space. Projects of exclusive interiors that are realized by our company are not only functional, but also consistent, which is very difficult to achieve, especially for inexperienced designers. The trick is to create an exclusive and richly decorated space that astonishes not only with its artistic concept, but also with the above-average usage comfort.

We design and arrange interiors from all over the world. Our experts are knowledgeable in the industry and know that only a visionary approach to project realization can truly revolutionize the entire branch of industry. A good designer knows what tools to take advantage of to achieve a prestigious and splendid result. The only key to success is to come up with a composition that is based on top class materials, bold colors, and exceptional patterns.

Our work is also our true passion, so we have nothing against breaking stereotypes and conventions, as well as forgetting about recurring patterns. A good taste, original design, the ability to draw inspiration from various architectonic styles, and the creative creation of spaces entrusted to us are all distinctive features when it comes to our mode of operation on the market.

We are fully aware of the fact that details are of key importance when it comes to the creation of a specific mood of a given interior. We do not shape spaces in a random and negligent manner – we create every interior consciously, by taking advantage of fashionable decorations that match the remaining elements perfectly.

A spectacular effect of project realization is the result of an above-average experience of our team, individual approach to each order and investor, familiarity with the branch of industry, access to superb materials, cooperation with a team of trusted contractors and subcontractors, as well as of a sophisticated taste and artistic skills.

Our company designs interiors for clients from both private and commercial sectors. We arrange business spaces and create personal comfort areas for interested individuals. We have been cooperating with clients from all over the world while designing luxurious mansions, apartments, houses, villas, lofts, offices, and hotels for them. For us, success is equivalent to luxury.

Do not hesitate to contact us – tell us what you need and we will take care of the rest. Our motto is as follows: Luxury Interior Design.

What do we do?

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