Mansion near Warsaw

The interior of the mansion in question was designed in the New York Glamour style, in compliance with the requirements of the owners – a young couple. The interior is full of elegance, harmony, sublime aesthetic solutions, and stands out from the crowd of similar ones thanks to the utilization of properly selected decorative elements, such as: consoles, tables, transparent items of furniture, as well as chromium-plated finishing elements. The color palette was consciously toned down, as – together with structural plasters and a properly selected upholstery covering items of furniture – it made it possible to create a unique mood of the place. The project was complemented with breathtaking lighting equipment provided by CASTROLIGHTING. In the central part of the living room, there is a big, crystal chandelier, which matches illuminated ceiling elements perfectly. The mirror attached to the ceiling creates the sense of depth and highlights the exclusive nature of the entire project. A quilted sofa provided by Visionnaire-Home, which is in a highly characteristic color, enhances the sense of luxury. The living room, main hall, dining room, and kitchen are one open space. Thanks to that, all items of furniture used draw visitor’s attention, especially due to their glam and meticulous decorations. Front parts of said items of furniture were made by taking advantage of the 3D technology. Both the table and chairs that are in the dining room are the representatives of the Glamour style. Upstairs, there is a bedroom connected to a bathing room, changing room, extra bedroom, guestroom, and extra bathroom. One can reach them all by walking up white marble stairs decorated with a glass railing. The metallized structure of the walls serves as an introduction to the bedroom-related part of the mansion.

Inside, one can immediately notice the dominance of both bright and toned-down beige hues, skillfully combined with white decorative elements and transparent items of furniture. Floors were made out of polished stoneware imitating marble with beige and golden grout. A visitor will also immediately notice a spacious bed with a custom-made upholstery-based headrest, as well as a remarkable number of mirrors, thanks to the use of which the entire space looks even bigger than it is in reality. Bathroom is separated with a glass wall Thanks to that, rooms are divided while at the same time being an integral whole. In order to ensure comfortable rest, unusual curtains were installed. The implementation of a two-person bath with massaging function, each and every bath will be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. One can also notice a breathtakingly beautiful decorative wall and stoneware decorated with 24-carat gold. The entire area was illuminated with luxurious lighting equipment provided by LUXXU.

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