Mansion in Warsaw – exclusive interior design

The interior of that exceptional mansion was to be – in compliance with the requirements of the owners – designed in such a way to combine classical approach with modern trends. Luxury Interior Design was to be the leading motif while performing all design-related works. Clients had been looking for a decent interior designer from Warsaw, who would have been able to create a luxury interior design plan for them. Designing the interior of a modern mansion was not an easy task, for it required to meet the needs of both owners: the lady loved exclusive glamour designs, whereas the man was rather for modern and utilitarian interiors. To satisfy them both, we opted for a stylish, yet exclusive solution combined with modern decorative elements.

The interior of the mansion was designed basing on timeless materials, such as: oiled ash floor panels, polished stoneware imitating white marble, items of furniture varnished white, and concrete imitations. Walls, ceilings, and frames were all richly decorated, which made them look more classical and exclusive. The color of the walls highlighted the beauty of the floor and the shine of the marble. Doors leading to adjacent rooms were modern and varnished white. We also have to touch upon the issue of lighting, as we were provided with illumination-related equipment by Eichholtz, the producer of excellent lighting items for most demanding customers. The architecture of the interior of the house was also based on chromium-plated chandeliers decorated with chrome decorative elements, as well as with a bit of plush. It was predominantly utilized to cover armchairs and sofas with. Dominating colors there were pastel and blue, which, while combined with classic white and grey hues, made the interior more romantic and nostalgic. A direct connection to the kitchen and dining room changed the layout and made it look more spacious. Kitchen furniture was also designed in such a way to mix different styles: we opted for the clash of a modern structure imitating concrete at the front with a classic top imitating white marble, as well as with decorative elements made out of natural wood.

The stylish classic approach combined with modern trends made the interior timeless. Owners will surely be proud of it for years to come, and visitors will surely admire the timeless creation and a truly luxurious interior.

Let us move from the living room to the bedroom which was designed in such a fashion to be a continuation of the luxurious interior concept. The major point of focus in this case was a large crystal chandelier by LUXXU, the producer of top-class interior illumination elements. It was used to gently brighten the golden wallpaper and a spacious bed with holstered headrest and golden bars highlighting the unique character of the room. Thanks to the use of toned-down grey hues, the bedroom not only started looking stunning, but it also became more comfortable and cozy. Decorative elements made out of American walnut were also implemented to ensure a soothing effect after a long day at work.

Designing luxurious interiors is always a challenging tasks. It is not only about selecting best quality materials, but also about cooperating with trustworthy suppliers of superb items of furniture. However, that is not all. There is also the need to truly stun and shock the client. To do so, unusual ideas and concepts have to be taken advantage of. In the case of the discussed project, we suggested our clients to combine bedroom with a bathroom-stylized room. Its interior combined uniqueness, luxury, and elegance. Monochrome background was a perfect base for bold golden decorations in the form of fittings and lights. What is more, decorative elements used on the walls and floor were covered with 24-carate gold.

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