Luxury Apartment by Maison Valentina

The project of this luxurious and exceptionally unusual apartment was ordered by a client who claimed to be in love with art, sculpting, and music. The leading motif in this case was art, and the design was to be based on the combination of Luxury Interior Design and a splendid view of the city. The inspiration for the creation of such an extravagant interior, equipped with decorative items provided by leading Italian designers were earlier, were rather long conversations and direct meetings in „show rooms” with the producers of luxurious interior design elements within the borders of Italy. Thanks to the cooperation with such brands as: Maison Valentina, By Koket, Boca do Lobo, Covet House, Delightfull, and Luxxu, it was possible to create a unique preliminary design of the apartment in question. Exclusive interiors are not only about items of furniture, but also about materials used to finish floors, walls, and ceilings. The project of the aforementioned luxurious interior was to incorporate elements made by Italian manufacturers.

The requirements of the investor were very strict, for each element had to be perfectly fitted and adjusted to other components of the interior. To achieve the said goal, we decided to utilize black Versace decors, which perfectly complemented the exclusive white granite with grey hues. The concept of creating a luxurious living room and bedroom was proposed afterwards, when the interior of the apartment, perfectly lit by streetlights, inspired us to create the rest of the project. Exclusive decorative items utilized became an addition to such a stunning view. „There is nothing more relaxing than to take a bath with a glass of champagne and look at cars driving along the road” – such a statement formulated by the client made us change the initial concept. The altered idea was accepted by the investor, but finding the right bathtub that would fit the interior was a problematic task. Thankfully, we were supported by Maison Valentina which offered us their flagship – Newton Bathtube – a bathtub being a combination of gold-plated iron and black, polished spheres made out of aluminum.They were a neat artistic addition to the interior.

The artistic vision was taken to a whole new level thanks to the introduction of a standalone sink, being a true work of art. We opted for the combination of black polished aluminum spheres with the main body made out of golden brass. The discussed unusual approach to the concept of a living room with a bath was also complemented with a round, beveled mirror focusing guests’ attention especially thanks to exceptional finishing touches visible on the black matte surface. Yet another important element ensuring the luxurious look of the entire interior was a large bed with a upholstered headrest made by true experts in interior design – SICIS. It was made in black matte, which – while combined with black-and-gold Versace-Home bedding – turned out to be a perfect combination. On the walls, there was a properly adjusted Versace wallpaper decorated with Swarovski’s crystals. They complemented quilted decorative pillows in the color of „flowing” gold neatly. A large-size mirror situated next to the bed made the interior look even more luxurious, mainly by changing reflections of individuals present inside the apartment and making them look like parts of a cubist painting. We would also like to focus for a while on smaller items of furniture introduced to the interior, for they are important to every designer. They were especially a dressing table and a console, which – thanks to their shapes – created a sense of romantic beauty of Paris cabaret in the apartment.

The entire interior was lit beautifully thanks to the use of a stunning chandelier provided by LUXXU. It has to be stated that they are true experts when it comes to professional interior illumination – they know how to make a chandelier that will completely transform a given space thanks and enhance it with a myriad of fascinating colors. Final elements of the interior were bedside tables and a unique armchair made by Maison Valentina – they did a great job when it comes to creating the mood. By means of using highly creative geometric shapes, they stimulated client’s imagination and changed an ordinary interior into a truly luxurious and fashionable one. Before finishing, we would also like to add that the space in question was fitted with top-quality audio equipment by Bowers & Wilkins. As mentioned earlier, music was one of investor’s passions, so we could not omit such an important part of his life.

It took over half a year to complete the project, but it was worth it, as all the performed undertakings resulted in the creation of an unusual, fashionable interior which both fascinated and shocked the investor. It was the idea all along and we are glad that we managed to put it into effect!

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