JUSTYNA TATYS LUXURY INTERIORS is an exclusive design-oriented brand that has been created for most demanding individual and commercial customers who require a comprehensive approach to both the development and implementation of luxurious interior designs. The brand in question was created by Justyna Tatys, the founder and Managing Director of the GLAM PROJECT Company specializing in designing and finishing exclusive “tailor-made” interiors.

JUSTYNA TATYS and her GLAM PROJECT Company are also a team of highly qualified professionals and interior designers, who have been operating in the field for a number of years. The ideas and projects of interior designs by Justyna Tatys have been put into effect in biggest Polish cities, such as: Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, and Sopot. For quite some time, the company has also been designing interiors of unique apartments, mansions, hotels, offices, and commercial zones abroad. The focus has been put especially on Europe, but several projects have also been realized in Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Justyna Tatys has successfully realized luxurious interior design-related projects by transforming investors’ dreams into practical reality. Designing luxurious interiors is not only her job, but also a true passion which has been pursued for many consecutive years. She acts not only as a luxurious interior designer, but also as a Home Stager. Her philosophy is to make ideas, concepts, and requirements of individual and corporate customers come true by professionally realizing all stages of ordered projects, starting from concept creation, through design, up to project implementation, while at the same time maintaining close and frequent contact with customers. JUSTYNA TATYS, together with her GLAM PROJECT Company, does offer individuals and firms interested unique, exclusive, and out-of-the-box designs characterized by care taken of even the most miniscule detail. A client who decides to order a luxurious interior design project with the JUSTYNA TATYS LUXURY INTERIORS logo can be sure that he or she will be offered a top-quality design and finishing service and the support of a creative team of professionals.

Interior design – third dimension of design

Interiors that are designed and arranged for our clients are undoubtedly the best definition of luxury anyone can come up with. Designing is a true art. Our experience in realizing even most exclusive concepts of our clients highlights the importance of cooperation with architects who are knowledgeable when it comes to trends, as well as who are not afraid of challenges and are capable of creating exceptionally unusual glamour-based interiors.

We design interiors that astound not only domestic clients, but those from abroad as well. Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Dubai – those are only some locations we have had the opportunity of implementing our solutions in for our clients, both private and business ones. We have created commercial spaces for biggest hotels, offices, corporations, and companies. Our firm ensures comprehensive servicing in terms of widely-understood design and home staging that are both addressed to individual clients. We arrange elite interiors of mansions, villas, lofts, and apartments, making all the wildest and most creative visions of their owners come true. „Only sky is the limit”- we, however, believe that there are no limits for our professionals. The art of design knows no trade-offs.

Interior designer – design supervisor

Aesthetic sensitivity, spatial imagination, artistic skills, and versatility are key aspects characterizing the profession of interior designer. Said individual is the one responsible for supervising the entire project in such a way for the final outcome of the performed undertakings to be satisfactory for the client and for the renovated space to meet all key safety and comfortable use principles. In our work, we take advantage of most advanced technologies in order to create something that no one has created before. We transform ordinary spaces into unique and flawless ones. Interiors created by us become visiting cards of their owners, as well as are a perfect addition to our vast portfolio.

We draw inspiration from everything – thanks to that, we can skillfully exploit the potential of various colors, textures, and materials in order to create the so desired sense of luxury and glam. We are far from repeatability. Each and every project we realize is one-of-a-kind, extravagant, exceptional, and perfect.

What does an interior designer have to remember about?

The key issue is to understand what a client needs. Afterwards, one can specify the acceptable budget, identify spatial capabilities, examine the scope of works to be done, and arrange the execution process, which assumes the cooperation between a team of qualified professionals and experts from the construction and design-oriented branches of industry.

Interior designer does not limit himself or herself to designing only. His or her responsibilities also include creating and polishing the concept of a given project, arranging and designing a particular space, establishing cooperation with suppliers of chosen materials, as well as collaborating with subcontractors, the skills of whom are indispensible when it comes to interior arrangement or rearrangement. What is more, it is exceptionally important to properly coordinate all the undertakings connected with project realization and be able to provide clients with reports on the project completion progress.

Depending on the specificity of the project and available space, an architect undertakes an initial analysis of functionality of each of locations and confronts his or her solutions with the expectations of the investor. There is no space that could not become more luxurious than it already is – creativity is the only limitation in such a case. Creativity is also the key tool utilized by a designer. Interior design is an exceptionally specific walk of life – it is based on improving the overall comfort of using a particular space. Additionally, such a space has to be composed by using unusual colors, patterns, and decorations. Accent, rhythm, harmony – they all astonish and create an one-of-a-kind mood in all spectacular interiors we are the creators of.

An interior resembles the character of its owner and is his or her distinctive feature. We create interiors that both astonish and perfectly correspond with the style of life of their users. Our company creates sublime spaces, in the case of which luxury, extravagance, and originality are interwoven and harmonize with one another.

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